Measurement Fundamentals and Practical Implementation

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  • Insights to select appropriate metrics, plan for measurement, collect and analyze data, and interpret metrics for better decision-making
  • "How to" for the Goal/Question/Metric (GQM) model, a goal-based strategy
  • Practical aspects of starting a measurement program are shared

Our Instructor - Dr. Carolyn Seaman

Your Host - Fraunhofer

  • Empirically-based research and applied technology
  • Assist organizations to improve their software business and achieve measurable goals
  • Not-for-profit affiliate of the University of Maryland

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  • Agenda
    • Day 1 - Understanding Measurement
      • Welcome / logistics / administrative
      • Student Introductions and expectations
      • Topic: Importance of measurement and measurement basics
      • Topic: Models and metrics
      • Exercise 1, Writing a model
      • Topic: Measurement frameworks
      • Exercise 2, Understanding the goal template
      • Topic: Organizational frameworks
    • Day 2 - Practical Implementation
      • Topic: Using goals, models to manage development
      • Exercise 3, Writing a relevant management goals
      • Topic: Using measurement for process evaluation
      • Topic: Using measurement for process evolution
      • Exercise 4, Selecting a process and evaluating it
      • Topic: Putting measurement into practice
      • Topic: Conclusions

Registration and Pricing

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$1495 includes:

  • Comprehensive 2-day workshop including examples and exercises
  • Textbook
  • Lecture notebook for each participant
  • Lunch and continental breakfast

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