Verification and Validation

Verification and validation (V&V) activities consume large portions of development and maintenance budgets, especially for mission- and business-critical applications. A significant driver of these costs is the large manual component in traditional V&V processes: engineers often define test plans, generate test cases and analyze testing results by hand, and conduct manual code inspections. Fraunhofer researchers are at the forefront of tool-supported V&V technology and work with customers and research partners to evaluate and extend automated techniques for testing and formal verification; for model-based verification and validation; for implementing best practices for software inspections and reviews; and for defining streamlined, efficient V&V processes.

Point of Contact: Dr. Adam Porter


  • Defining and evaluating strategies for automated model-based verification and validation for a major European automotive supplier. Identified mechanisms for capturing functional requirements in machine-checkable form and assessed applicability of automated model-based testing strategies for checking functional requirements on production software.

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  • Collaborating with the National Science Foundation and Food and Drug Administration to create models and verification harnesses for infusion pump software.

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  • Deploying tool support and training personnel on perspective-based software inspections at multiple NASA sites.

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