Technology evaluation

Organizations are often faced with uncertainty regarding the business impact on adopting or purchasing a new software technology. Is the quality of the contractor's implementation satisfactory? What are the licensing implications of integrating open source tools into a proprietary product? What is the value of an in-house legacy application and what are the costs and risks associated with modifying the product? Fraunhofer applies a number of technologies to evalaute these questions using software metrics and models tied to the business goals of the organization who wishes to evaluate new or existing technologies.

Point of Contact: Dr. Mikael Lindvall


  • Analyzing the algorithms and architecture the 10 million lines of code NASA Space Network and measuring the potential impact due to changing legacy components.

  • Evaluating open source components for possible integration with a commercial laboratory information management system. get a link to the evaluation.

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  • Collaborating and partnering with the Food and Drug Administration to evaluate Part 11 compliance of software vendors.

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