Program, project and risk management

Strong program, project and risk management is a requirement for success in any substantial endeavor. At Fraunhofer, we * help government apply best practices to the acquisition and development of their systems * this includes management practices as well as technical practices * the goal is to help them mitigate risks associated with requirements creep, software growth * help gvmt ensure that developers are implementing good design and architecture approaches * make sure they have goopd development process and practices, such as inspections, EVM, etc.

Point of Contact: Mr. Frank Herman


  • Collaborating with NASA personnel to perform in-process peer reviews of software processes and artifacts for the Space Network Ground Support Segment (SGSS) and User Services Access (USA) projects.

  • Providing oversight of the development of the NASA Space Network Access System (SNAS) and Space Network User Services Upgrade (USU).

  • Applying novel source code-based software risk measurement techniques to evaluate the cost of change in the NASA Space Network legacy software.

  • Developing the NASA SGSS Software Acquisition Management plan and providing oversight to SGSS implementation contractor.