Modeling design and architecture

Understanding the software architecture of complex software systems of systems and maintaining architectural integrity through multiple builds and integrations constitute some of the most critically challenging tasks of software system developers. At Fraunhofer, we offer a wide variety of services that support these activities – from creating architecture design models to reverse-engineering models on the basis of existing code and system traces captured from the running system. We also help organizations perform architecture-driven verification and validation (testing and inspections) and analyze existing systems on the basis of architectural risk (i.e. answer questions like “Which parts of the system are the riskiest to change?”)

Point of Contact: Dr. Mikael Lindvall


  • Deploying the SAVE tool to automatically extract and visualize the architecture manifested in the source code against user-specificied models of architecture in multiple languages for digital cameras, automotive embedded software, ground control systems, space networks, and flight software.

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  • Evaluating the implemented architecture of the NASA CFS flight software product line to locate deviations against specified architecture rules.

    Read the NASA technical report »

  • Identifying bottlenecks in communication traffic between NASA and JHU/APL ground systems, satellites and space stations using SAVE and Dynamic SAVE.

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  • Testing the implemented behavior of software components against API rules by using model-based testing to generate test suites for NASA GMSEC and TSS Sweden, and GNSI Maryland.